Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Home Improvements

Ever since the announcememnt of the pregnancy my parents have been wanting to help us get our house in order so that when the baby arrives we are ready. They at first wanted to help us with the babies room so that he had his own room that didnt have weight equipment in it that he isnt quite ready for yet although his daddy may think so! John and my dad immediately started coming up with plans of things that needed to be done and althought we have yet to get to the babies room the house is really shaping up! First we did the guest bathroom which is something that we have needed to get to for a long time but never really had the money for it. Unfortunately I dont have a before picture because we forgot to take one when we started but we have some during the process and then the finished product. I cant belive how different it looks I am in absoulte amazment and the pictures just dont do it any justice at all! We ran into a few problems along the way but nothing to worry about so its on to the next project.....
This is the shower its all tile now before it was plastic
Here is one view of the counter And the view from the other angle!

Now they have decided to start on the kitchen which we are getting rid of one of the bedrooms for becuase our kitchen is so small! I will take pictrues of the old one soon but here are some pics of the remodling in progress.