Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Blog....New Baby!

I am finally 12 weeks prego so I feel like it is time to blog about the new addition to our family! I was nervous to bring it up before just because of the miscarriage that i had last time but the doctor said that we are pretty much in the clear. I am so excited to be having a baby that I am finding myself getting to a milestone in the pregnancy and instead of enjoying it for all its worth I am just starting to think about what comes next. I even took a home gender test! Who knows if those work but it said that we will be having a baby boy, I guess we will have to see unfortunately its not for another 6 weeks :( So anyways so good so far we have had a strong heart beat at the last two appointments and I have been feeling pretty good lately, I was told that I would probably be on bed rest with this pregnancy but it hasn't happened yet!

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