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November 2011

November was a very special month for us since we welcomed our baby girl Brooklyn Michelle Werber into the family on November 15th! We found out that I was pregnant the day before Conners 1st birthday so that made for an interesting weekend! I was so excited to be having another little baby around but it was also a little scary since they were going to be less than two years apart. I was also pretty nervous since most of my pregnancy was going to occur during the summer! It all worked out pretty well and i didnt really notice the heat since we were gone almost the entire summer. Trying to prepare Conner was an interesting task since he didnt really understand what was going on, we talked to him about babies and that mommy was going to have one but I knew that it was going to be so much different once she was here. John and I both were a little nervous since he is such a boy meaning he is very rough and a little on the crazy side!! We knew this was going to be a journey but it was one that we couldnt wait to go on! Conner spent the night at my parents house the night before we went in for my c-section because he had been sick with a viral infection and just was starting to get over it when John caught it. This had me freaking out because I was afraid that they werent going to let John in the delivery room since he had been throwing up fro the past two days. The morning of my delivery he was feeling a little better so we headed over to my moms house so that i could take a few pictures with Conner before we went to the hospital.
My mom had dressed him up in his big brother shirt and we were all headed to the hospital to meet our baby girl!!

The hospital was really crowded that day so they had to give us an actual delivery room to wait in until my doctor was ready for surgery. This actually worked out perfectly for us because the whole family was able to wait in the same room with me instead of having to be in the hallway.
                                                        Our last family photo of 3!

Once we were in the delivery room it seemed like it was only 10 minutes and then Brooklyn made her debut in the world! She was perfect weighing 7lbs15oz and she was 20in long. John was able to be in there with me and got a chance to cut the cord for the second time!

 As soon as we were out of recovery and brought to our room my mom and dad brought Conner in to meet his new sister. As soon as he walked in the room and realized there was a baby in there his entire world changed. He was so excited and couldnt wait to get on the bed with me to hold this new little baby. He couldnt stop kissing her and although he was a little rough at times he was proving to be a great big brother.
                                                        Mommy and her 2 babies!
                                                       Our first family photo of four

The first few weeks home were really rough for us because John and to go to work as soon as we were released from the hospital and my grandma had come in from Texas to help with me and the babies but she had caught the viral infection along with everyone else at my moms house. John was working nights and days at the time so I was pretty much alone. The first Saturday that I was home my niece Hailee came over to help me since I wasnt able to lift Conner in and out of his bed and I was still having a little trouble getting around. I was soo appreciative of this because I didnt realize how much more pain I was going to be in this time since they did all of the extra work. The next day I was all alone but somehow it all worked out and then my grandma was finally feeling well enough to come over to the house on Tuesday and things slowly got better from there!!

A few weeks later it was Thanksgiving and we sure did have a lot to be thankful for! Unfortunately all of the pictures from thanksgiving are on my moms computer but we had a wonderful time. We went to my parents house and ate dinner and my mamaw was still here visiting us from Texas so it was nice to be able to share that time with her also. The Sunday after Thanksgiving I had bought tickets for Conner and I to go and see Yo Gabba Gabba live at the Orleans. He has become obsessed with this show and I knew with a new baby he would need a little time out by his self to feel special! My friend Bridget came with us and we actually had a really good time. It was so fun to see his face light up with excitement and a little fear when they all came out on stage. He really got into it the second half of the show.

I had never been to see anything like this live in concert but it is something that i would love to take him to again someday. I used to hate this show but he has really learned a lot from it and i can see that he really enjoys it every time its on.

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