Friday, January 6, 2012

October 2011

Halloween is always one of my favorite times of year! I love going to the pumpkin patch to take pictures and ride some of the rides or pet the animals but we have never bought a pumpkin there since they are so expensive. Last year we had to prop Conner up against pumpkins to help him stand since he wasnt actually able to do so but this time he was everywhere!
He had such a good time climbing up the haystacks, sliding down the slides and riding the rides they had. We even went back with some of our friends since he enjoyed it so much!
Conner recently started to put his hands in the air and come at you with a monster growl trying to scare you so I knew that for Halloween I wanted him to be Frankenstein (especially since i wont be able to pick out his costumes for very much longer). I found the cutest Frankenstein costume on line and he played the part perfectly!
We were lucky enough to go to trunk or treat with our friends a few weeks before Halloween and then to our wards trunk or treat a few days before Halloween so on the actual day he knew what he was doing!
John and Conner at Trunk or Treat

On Halloween we have made it a tradition that my mom and dad (if he isnt working)come over and we have chili cheese dogs and pass out candy. For the last few years Megan and Ricardo have also come over to share in this tradition with us and it has been really fun! The girls took Conner around the neighborhood and the guys stayed back to pass out candy (play video games.)We think this is a great tradition and hope to do it for years to come!

My Mom and Conner
Meg and Conner

Mommy and Conner at the Haunted House down the street

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