Friday, April 16, 2010

One Month Already...

I cant believe that my baby is already one month old its amazing how fast this time is going. It seemed like wehn I was pregnant time went by like a snail and now he is growing like a weed. This past month has truly been amazing and I have learned a lot about myself like how long I can actually go without any sleep :) When he was about three weeks old he started to become a little colicky which has been pretty hard for us in the sleeping department but thankfully it isnt as bad as most babies that have colic. I feel so bad for him though when I put my hand on his belly you can feel all of the bubbles rumbling inside. Thankfully with a few minor changes to the way we feed him he seems to be getting a little better.

The week Conner was born my Mamaw on my dads side of the family was here and she was such a trooper. She stayed at the hospital everyday for at least 5-6 hours and then when we came home from the hospital she would come over everyday and help make sure everything was in order. Conner and I were both so lucky that she was able to come out and see her fourth great grandson and we hope that she gets to come back out really soon.

Conner and Mamaw

The following week my Nana on my moms side of the family came to visit and she was so excited because this was her first great grandchild. She stayed at our house and helped out a ton with cleaning and hanging out with the baby as much as she could. We went to see the easter bunny while she was here and since Conner had a doctors appointment we had to leave before purchasing the pictures, but she stayed and started to cry because she was so happy and the lady gave her free pictures! I was pretty excited about that part :) We had a wonderful easter morning and the easter bunny brought lots of clothes for the baby! We were sad to see her go but she promised that she will be back in August and she even got a camera for her computer so she can keep in touch and actually be able to see the baby.
Nana and Conner
Conner and his Easter baskets

The last two weeks we have pretty much been on our own unless we go to my parents house or if they come over here because John has been working like crazy.I am trying to soak up as much time with him as I can before I have to go back to work. Lucky for us though my mom will be watching him so I will at least know that he will be happy I didnt want to have to put him in daycare at least until he was walking.

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